Classic Dinner Rolls

1 pack dry (2 tsp) or 1.75oz (50g) fresh Yeast ? cup Sugar 1 tsp Salt 3 yolks Egg 1 cup Milk, warm 8 tbsp Butter, unsalted or Margarine keep the egg whites for egg wash

Preparation Instructions

Pour the flour, a tsp of salt, ? cup of sugar (but save like a tsp for yeast mixture), and mix for a bit.

In a cup, add the yeast along with a tsp of sugar and half of the milk, lukewarm. Let it rest for 10 minutes until it goes frothy.

In a sauce pan, heat the rest of the milk and butter, until the butter melts. Make sure you do not boil the milk though an easier way would be to use a microwave oven to melt the butter.

Pour everything you have so far, including the egg yolks, over the flour and mix well for about 3 to 5 minutes with the hook attachment. Place the dough in an oiled bowl and cover with a clean kitchen towel. Let it rise until it doubles, usually one to two hours.

Next take it out and punch it down for a few times, then cut it into 16 pieces. Roll each piece to form a sphere. Place the spheres into a well buttered 913 inch (2233 cm) pan and let them double again (about an hour).

Brush the rolls with the egg whites and sprinkle with poppy seeds, or sesame seed

Bake the rolls in a preheated oven at 375 F / 190 C for about 30 to 35 minutes or until golden brown.

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